Foil stamping machine / materials / printing / secondary processing machine

Hot Stamping Machine/Equipment

Machines: fully automatic, semi-automatic, roller type, press type, for circumference, oval products and large area, standard type, customized type, simplified type
Components: silicon rubber roll, molding die, stamp, jig, etc.

We provide a wide range of machines — hot stamping machines, secondary plastic processing machines, and standard machines for general purposes. Our technical staff will respond kindly to your needs for design, trial models, estimates and manufacturing of any type of hot stamping machines. In addition, we manufacture secondary plastic processing machines. We also provide components for hot stamping such as silicon rubber rolls, metal stamps, rubber stamps and jigs.

Printing / Secondary Processing Machines
  • Hot stamping foil cutters
  • screen printing machines
  • pad printing machines
  • high-frequency deposition machines
  • ultrasonic deposition machines
  • antistatic treatment machines
  • quality-testing machines    etc.