Gives an impression of elegance and depth.
Color changes depending on light source (natural light / indirect room light) and angle of reflection.

【Basic color】


Metallic white creates impression of gorgeousness and tranquility.

●Light magenta

Faint pastel pink (like cherry blossoms) creates impression of femininity.

●Light grass

Fresh blue (like bright, shining sea)

●Light gold

Turns the shininess of gold into an elegant pastel tone.

【For plastic】

Suitable for surfaces coated with epoxy, urethane, UV, etc. and general plastic such as PET and nylon.Best suited for cosmetic tubes. Can be used for blow-molded products, mascara cases, clear molded products, home appliances, cell phones, etc.

Can be used for stamping onto general plastic, PP and PE products.
Particularly good for stamping onto tubular cosmetic containers, 360-degree transfer around container caps and compact cases.

【For paper】

General paper containers, art paper
For coated paper, water-based press paper and film laminated paper
Used for food, cosmetic packages, general packages, labels, etc.